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CEO Monthly magazine have named Cassette's CEO Ben Taylor most influential CEO 2024 in UK Immersive Technology.

Find the original article here or continue reading below: Issue 5 2024 (

Immersive technology is an incredibly broad field, but its comprising elements have two particularly notable things in common. They are all visual and all interactive. With offerings spanning everything from mobile apps that educate healthcare professionals through to virtual reality training that teaches A&E staff to work a dialysis machine, Cassette Group Ltd has the right solution through its range of bespoke learning and communication systems. Heading up this operation is Ben Taylor, whose sustained excellence has resulted in him being named as the Most Influential CEO 2024 - UK (Immersive Technology). We catch up with Ben to find out more. Through its suite of tremendous visual and interactive technologies, Cassette scales the outcomes typically associated with e-learning products, and as such, the results it garners are better likened to those of an in- person teaching environment. Expanding on this, Ben tells us, “delivering products that are highly accessible to the end user while maintaining the quality found in face-to- face simulated learning is what drives our team.” On the back of this, it should come as no surprise that Ben and his team prize accessibility above all, democratising high- quality, immersive learning and education solutions and offering them to the industries that can measurably benefit from having this state-of-the- art technology at their disposal. Across his varied duties as company CEO, Ben Taylor undertakes a number of different responsibilities. At the heart of his role however is a constant, this being the fortifying of the trio of values that define the business, namely hard work, keeping learning, and being nice. Equally as unwavering are Ben’s primary areas of focus, his team and his clients. Regarding the former, this essentially revolves around being a good leader and providing staff the freedom to make decisions, as seen through the flat structure the business operates on. As for his clients, Ben is wholly focused on understanding them fully – their needs, challenges, and what it takes to make them better. Ben’s journey to get to this point has been varied, and he has learned a great deal along the way that has shaped him to becoming the successful leader he is today. While his background is predominantly based in experimental marketing - with his 15-year tenure at TRO - Ben has also tried his hand at recruitment (and admits it was not for him) and even set up a clothing brand along with his sister, which he managed for a little over four years. His destiny seemed set in stone however, and upon returning back to TRO, Ben set up his own division that focused specifically on technologies in the experimental marketing field. Later, alongside two experienced colleagues Ben founded Cassette, shaping the business into what it is today. Commenting further on his journey, Ben tells us, “my experiences across my whole career have brought me to this point.” Not only does this apply to the previous positions that he has held, but also to leadership approaches that Ben has honed over this period. Care and understanding are thus the two main elements presiding over the business today, with Ben having witnessed for himself the long-term sustainable success that arises from a culture of loyalty. This pioneering immersive technology business has never been afraid of being first or making mistakes; it quite simply embraces them, learns fast, and continues to push the envelope. Working predominantly with clients in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, things have not always been easy over the past few years, largely as a result of increased pressure and budget cuts. Exacerbating this further is the fact that immersive technology is still somewhat of a niche and is in the midst of its maturation phase. Undeterred by this, the two-fold approach that Ben has spearheaded involves Cassette tailoring its solutions to the specific needs of clients and driving the industry’s maturity forward. Both of these methods go hand in hand with an underlying and ongoing desire to innovate, spurring better outcomes in a cost- effective manner. As Ben Taylor looks to the next stage of his career, he knows that his story is interlinked with that of Cassette Group Ltd. While he continues to grow the business in a manner that is sustainable, working with clients in new sectors and maintaining a consistent level of quality throughout, we invite our readers to explore further the tremendous things that can arise from immersive learning technologies and VR in healthcare. Company: Cassette Group Ltd Web Address: https://www. Mar24538
CEO Monthly Magazine - Ben Taylor


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