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Lung Oncology Virtual Diagnostics Lab


The Virtual Lab is an online, immersive metaverse environment – emulating real centres of excellence – designed and developed in collaboration with a think tank of pathologists and oncologists. Within this Virtual Lab, healthcare professionals (HCPs) can learn about the methodologies, equipment and processes used to perform molecular testing in NSCLC, and how to interpret results.

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Lung cancer kills more people each year than any other form of cancer.

 Molecular testing is pivotal to identifying targetable biomarkers in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and enabling patient access to targeted treatments. However, due in part to physician gaps in understanding, less than 50% of eligible patients worldwide receive molecular testing.

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The existing training paradigm was based on in-person preceptorships, which had limited reach due the number of people that could be accommodated within a laboratory centre of excellence, as well as logistical travel and timing barriers for attendees.

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Synergy and Cassette partnered with Pfizer to disrupt this paradigm by developing a Virtual Diagnostics Laboratory – expanding audience reach and access by 198-fold  and establishing Pfizer as a leader and partner in innovative educational solutions for lung cancer specialists.

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Improve awareness of, and adherence to, best practice with respect to molecular testing for NSCLC among healthcare professionals globally.

Increase patient equity in rates of the standard molecular testing conducted and result in an opportunity for patients to receive appropriate targeted treatments, where available.


Measured through:


  • Localisation and roll-out of the programme within different countries worldwide.

  • Reach, as measured through metrics on views, unique viewers and time-on-site.

  • Knowledge improvement, as measured by results in the user self-assessment quiz.

  • Qualitative feedback from internal Pfizer country teams when localising, as well as external customers and users of the platform.

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The Virtual Lab is live in several countries and many more are in the process of preparing for launch.

Visitor numbers are surpassing initial expectations and the reach of the preceptorship programme has been considerably widened now that HCP's can access the material at any time of day or night, and are able to visit as many times as they like.

Although the platform does not capture user demographics such as age, gender, or specific location, the large increase in reach and accessibility of the platform could be interpreted as an improvement in access to education for previously marginalised groups.

Overall, reach and engagement were vastly improved by disruption of a traditional preceptorship educational model through development of an innovative, immersive virtual environment.

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